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I am a proud Filipina-American artist and designer.  I enjoy raising awareness about my culture and heritage.  I believe in actively contributing to and furthering equity, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace and in our communities, particularly in our schools. 

I love to draw and often volunteer my illustration skills.


Filipino-American T-shirt Collection + Blog

According to the 2010 U.S. census, Filipinos made up 20% of the Asian-American population — the second largest Asian ethnic group after Chinese-Americans — yet the Filipino voice has been largely unheard in mainstream American culture.  My sister, Arlene, and I started Barkada(ko), meaning "my posse or group of friends" in 2003 to express our Filipina pride.

Vector illustration by Ardith Ibañez Nishii for Stan Lee Foundation art contest


Mixed Media

I love to draw and have a small sketchbook in each bag and backpack I own so I have a journal with me while I'm on the go.  You can find examples scattered throughout the Barakda(ko) blog or you can download my illustration portfolio (6.8MB). 


DISCLAIMER: I have not updated this pdf since 2012.  There are images that glorify Filipino boxing champion, Manny Pacquiao.  Please note that I am morally against his homophobic statements that he made publicly in 2016.  I will remove the images in the next version of the pdf.  Thank you for your patience.

Barkada(ko) Dragon and Rat logo designed by Ardith Ibañez Nishii, laser-etched on wood
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