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Ardith wearing Headphones

Ardith the Ardith

I am a Los Angeles-based creative director with 25 years of experience optimizing processes to empower cross-functional teams to thrive and innovate. I excel at cultivating fun, engaging and productive work environments — both on-site and remote. I am passionate about leveraging design thinking strategies to understand and meet user needs while maximizing business profitability. I care about wellness, sustainability, diversity, equity, and inclusion — topics close to my heart as a working mom of 2 young kids.


Filipino-American T-shirt Collection + Blog

According to the 2010 U.S. census, Filipinos made up 20% of the Asian-American population — the second largest Asian ethnic group after Chinese-Americans — yet the Filipino voice has been largely unheard in mainstream American culture.  My sister, Arlene, and I started Barkada(ko), meaning "my posse or group of friends" in 2003 to express our Filipina pride.

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